The Life of a New Girl in bullets! :]

  • I went to Torrance High today for my registration, all went well.
  • I first submitted all the documents and stuff.
  • After that they gave me a Jamba Juice thing. 

It says that when I buy at Jamba Juice, 12% goes to PTA. I think its cool. :)

  • I took my ID picture, schedule and bought the ASB Unified Package.
  • I look stupid on my ID. (Everyone does. Stupid ugly ID photo.)
  • My schedule is awesome. I only have 6 subjects. :)
  • 1st Period: Photography (this is for juniors/seniors but I got in.) 2nd Period: English 3rd Period: World History. 4th Period: Geometry 5th Period: PE 6th Period: Biology :) 
  • I went to the Library, and found out that the librarian is a filipina. 
  • The books were heavy. Like heavy.
  • I went to the lockers to find mine. (Worst part of my day.)
  • So they have like a place where lockers are, the decent ones, but there are also old rusty lockers near the English hallways, and there was my locker. It was at the bottom. Like it’s at the Chamber of Secreeeeeets! :|
  • And then, I can’t open my locker. The guy helped me and showed me how, then he opened it, and when I tried I can’t. (Well, that will be the reason of my tardiness.)
  • I left my books at my fucking locker. (If the books weren’t heavy, I won’t use it.)
  • Since I don’t have the specific room yet, I kind of guessed on the rooms. The Photography, Biology, PE and World History only have one teacher under it so I think those are my teachers.
  • Unlike, English and Geometry there were a lot so I left it blank.
  • If you’re a new girl like me and you don’t know where your classes at you can also do what I did. Mark your rooms, bring a map, and always have a watch. You’re the new girl, give a good impression. :)
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